About South Tyrol 360 degree

On the way in the mountains of South Tyrol

The World Wide Web is full of amazing pictures and since Google street view a virtual journey through the villages of the little land within the Alps is easily done. But there is one thing which Google street view isn't able to do yet: to ascend the mountains.

So taking all-around-pictures is still the mission of alpinists and hikers.

Because I'm not only a hiker but also an expert in internet and a photographer of panorama pictures I take my camera and a stand with panorama head with me on every hike. So thanks to my wife who is always carrying all other things, I'm able to publish a lot of panorama pictures on this site.

Normally one of these pictures is composed out of 38 single wide-angle images before it can be seen on suedtirol-360.com. Together with the description and the upload, composing the all-around-photos is a very time-consuming and expensive hobby, but I will go on with this project. So I will be very glad, if you like to help me to make the site well-known. With a click on the item "link embed" you find all information to link or to embed the panorama photo in your own website with or without advertisement.

Enjoy discovering South Tyrol 360